Tree Sandblasted Wedding Centerpiece.jpg
Special Event Wish Trees

Wish Trees allow your guests to write their advice, blessings and warmest wishes for you, on themed tags, then hang them on your custom- designed tree providing you with a 

memorable keepsake! Wish trees are perfect for all ages and special occasions

Tree Black home decor.jpg
Home Decor & Jewelry Trees

Home decor Trees are custom designed to perfectly accent your home. These Trees are also commonly used to organize jewelry and provide a gorgeous display.  Photos can also be hung freely with ribbon or from frames to create a family tree.

Tree blue and natural Memory.jpg
Life Memory Trees

 Life trees allow memorial service attendees to write a special memory of your beloved on a custom tag and then hang it on the tree. The family is then gifted with a precious keepsake filled with priceless memories .


It is my mission to provide trees that are not only luxurious and functional in design, but are also as strong, unique and beautiful as the people for whom they are created.