I am a proud mommy, Temple University graduate and the owner/ARTIST of My ArBelle.


After many educational years of corporate America, I was blessed with the chance to seek an entrepreneurial opportunity and I ran with it!


Inspired by a wedding branch centerpiece, I created my first jewelry tree, by accident, loved it, and created My ArBelle (meaning 'my beautiful tree').  In a short time, what initially began as a way to better organize jewelry quickly branched out to my most popular product, the 'guest-book/wish tree' which allows me to provide a custom designed and precious keepsake for some of the most memorable events in people's lives!


It is an honor to be creating my dream life via a talent I had no idea even existed. It is also very humbling that my trees are LOVED with meaning beyond their beautiful display! I am very proud to say that my art graces homes and events all over the U.S.! 


I love, love, LOVE what I do and I look forward to sharing this blessing of a talent with you. 


Thank you for visiting!

Your Tree Gal,




Make a tree good and it's fruit will be good. 

-Matthew 12:33